Good Scientific Practice
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Our Team

PD Dr. Dr. Gerlinde Sponholz

Gerlinde Sponholz is a medical doctor and human biologist. Since 1990 she has been teaching medical, nursing and research ethics. She developed the curriculum „good scientific practice“ on behalf of and in cooperation with the Research Ombudsman.

Dr. Michael Gommel

Michael Gommel is a biologist, M.A. for Applied Ethics in Health and Social Care and systemic coach and consultant. Since 1996 he has been teaching medical, nursing and research ethics. He currently teaches good scientific practice in several European countries.

Helga Nolte

Helga Nolte is a mediator and coach. She worked in academic administration of Hamburg University's medical faculty and as assistant to the Research Ombudsman. She now works as the assistant of Hamburg University's ombudsman.

Dr. Felicitas Riedel

Felicitas Riedel is a jurist and mediator. Since 2011, she manages the offices of the ombudspersons and of the permanent commission for the investigation of scientific misconduct at the University of Marburg. She is currently on secondment to the Hessen State Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts.

Dr. Nicole Föger

Nicole Föger holds a PhD in biochemistry and obtained a postgraduate education in Public Relations. Since 2010 she is Head of the Administrative Office of the Austrian Agency for Research Integrity. Since April 2012 she is the elected Chair of the European Network of Research Integrity Offices (ENRIO). Nicole Föger is a consulting member in our team.

Dr. Julia Verse

Julia Verse is a historian and ethnologist, certified project management associate and certified business trainer. She conducted international research, and while gaining extensive experience as a project manager and consultant in science and education policy, she has established herself as an expert on gender and diversity.

Dr. Andrea Kliewer

Andrea Kliewer ist a biologist and has worked as a postdoc in pain research at the Jena Universiy medical clinic since 2014. She has taught good scientific practice since 2016.